March 2017 Tourney

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Tournament Format
Beginner Division
Novice Division
Intermediate Division
Tournament Rules
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Goalie spots may be available March 1,2017.

Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 5 games. All prices include GST.

*Individual registrations must purchase a reversible hockey tourney jersey if they do not own one.

**Team registrations must state their jersey colour. All players must have similar jerseys or teams will have to register with the jerseys included. No Exceptions

Games will be 1 hour in length, with two referees and a scorekeeper. Stats provided online

Tournament Format

Each team will play a minimum of five (5) games. All divisions are coed and we encourage all teams to include female players on their roster.
The tourney is split up into 3 divisions. Each division will play a round robin, semi-final, and final game.

Beginner Division

Beginner friendly division. Players entering in this division may have had limited or no organized hockey experience. If players playing in this division are excessively controlling plays or the game they will be assessed an unsportsmanlike penalty. They may be asked to move to the another division or removed from the tournament without refund.

Beginner Division is only open to Individuals unless special permission is granted. Goalies will be chosen by the tournament to ensure fair play.

  • A – Skating Dead
  • B – Greyhounds
  • C – Westcoast Saints
  • D – Whalers

Link to Schedule

Novice Division

Beginner/Intermediate friendly division. Players entering in this division may have some hockey experience and may have a mix of intermediate and beginner players. Novice Division is the lowest division a team may register in. Slapshots are allowed but the same rules around contact will apply.


  • A – Delivery Boys
  • B – Mother Puckers
  • C – Sam
  • D – Bulldogs

Link to Schedule

Intermediate Division

Intermediate and over division. Players in this division are of varying skill levels. Slapshots are allowed but the same rules around contact will apply.

Intermediate Teams

  • A – Equity
  • B – Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets
  • C – Frost Bite
  • D – Force

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What team am I on?

Updated March 11,2017
Name Team Division
Aaron Bachra Bulldogs N
adam harada Mother Puckers N
Adam Speir Westcoast Saints B
Adrian Greszata Westcoast Saints B
Akio Tajiri Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
Alan Hutchinson EQUITY I
Alex Dyler Bulldogs N
Allan Cho Greyhounds B
Andrew Van Strepen Skating Dead B
Angus Hudson SAM N
Anna Viglione Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
Arjun Arora Bulldogs N
Bang Nguyen Frost Bite I
Ben Oryall Westcoast Saints B
brad tough Greyhounds B
Bradley Wedgewood Westcoast Saints B
Byron Elton SAM N
Cameron Ony Bulldogs N
Chad Foster Bulldogs N
Chad Hampton Mother Puckers N
Chris Afonso Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
Colton W Force I
Cooper Campbell EQUITY I
Dan McCreery EQUITY I
Daniel Kamin Greyhounds B
Danny Wong Skating Dead B
Darcy Baker EQUITY I
Darran Edmundson Skating Dead B
Darren Elves Bulldogs N
Dave Broughton EQUITY I
Dave Langill EQUITY I
David Fleming Bulldogs N
David Laing Greyhounds B
David Woodside Skating Dead B
Delwin Yung Skating Dead B
Dillon Hume EQUITY I
Drew Shields Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
Edgar Kavanagh Greyhounds B
Edward Lin SAM N
Elliott Hohenhaus Westcoast Saints B
Evan Jones EQUITY I
Evan Lloyd Westcoast Saints B
Francis Szlachic Westcoast Saints B
Frederic Levasseur Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
Gabriel Ng Greyhounds B
Gareth Clarke EQUITY I
Geoff Shoji Mother Puckers N
Graeme Steele Mother Puckers N
Graham Haynesworth Westcoast Saints B
Harman Rahal Bulldogs N
Henry Kao Westcoast Saints B
Hussein Nathani SAM N
James Oakes Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
Jason Bhandol Bulldogs N
Jason Jurinak Force I
Jason Saruya Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
Jason Weber EQUITY I
Jayden Kemp Greyhouds B
Jayson Kent SAM N
Jeff Applebe Westcoast Saints B
Jeff Doll Skating Dead B
Jeff Lim Greyhounds B
Jeffrey Lee Skating Dead B
Jeremy Edjan Skating Dead B
Jesse Nuyts Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
Joe McCreery EQUITY I
John Harada Mother Puckers N
John Jurinak Force I
Johnny Lee SAM N
Julius Rusko Skating Dead B
Justin Wu SAM N
Karan Virk Westcoast Saints B
Kazu Aral SAM N
Kev Ho Skating Dead B
Kevin Macgillivary SAM N
Kristian Frantzen Westcoast Saints B
Kurado Osawa Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
Kurtis Penner SAM N
Laurence Santos Force I
Lawrence Elliott Westcoast Saints B
Lennerd Groenweg Mother Puckers N
Lonny Wong Force I
Lucas Brotz EQUITY I
Makoto Shibata Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
Manbir Renthey Bulldogs N
Mariel Duinker Force I
Mark James Greyhounds B
Mark Robinson EQUITY I
Mat Krentz Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
Mathew Keygan Greyhounds B
Matthew Yun Greyhounds B
Max Stone Skating Dead B
Michael Morrison Force I
Mikaela Ellis Force I
Mike Bolzan Mother Puckers N
Mike Rae Force I
Moez Noorani Mother Puckers N
Munraj Kaila Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
Nathan Pang Skating Dead B
Nicholas Treeshin Force I
Nick Hollingsworth Westcoast Saints B
Nick Lo Delivery Boys N
Nick Pavlakis Westcoast Saints B
Patrick Duvall Bulldogs N
Pearce Sanders Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
Randy Jung Greyhounds B
Reece Elliot SAM N
Richard Beauchamp Force I
Rick Corness Mother Puckers N
Robin Black EQUITY I
Robin Parfitt Force I
Ron Cassan Mother Puckers N
Rory Kutluoglu EQUITY I
Rose Palozzi Greyhounds B
Ryan Rodford Whalers B
Sam Ala Mother Puckers N
Sam Coll Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
Sam Hsu SAM N
Scott Burton Force I
Scott Vanderspek Force I
Shawn Miller Force I
Shina Motha SAM N
Stephen Luong SAM N
Steve Doucette Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
Tar Shergill Bulldogs N
Tarn Kang Bulldogs N
Tee Haynes Westcoast Saints B
Tom Lavender SAM N
Trent Newkirk EQUITY I
Trevor Rabb EQUITY I
Tyler Neumann Greyhounds B
Valerie Chen Skating Dead B
Wayne Goudal Mother Puckers N
(G) Chad Foster Sniping Pockets Wheeling Rockets I
(G) Chris McCue EQUITY I
(G) Jeff Laflamme Force I
(G) Justin Aoki SAM N
(G) Megan Johnson Westcoast Saints B
(G) Thomas Branson EQUITY I
(G)( Che Leong Greyhounds B

Sponsors and Charitable Donations

100% of the proceeds from our silent auction benefit the BC Cancer Foundation. Donate Here or give a product or service to be auctioned off.