Learn to Play Hockey Vancouver

Note the sessions listed below are all levels except for the Drop in

Until September we are offering the following drop in sessions targeting specific skills. Sign up by August 1 to maintain pricing.

Beginner Vancouver Ice Hockey Class

Classes Begin in September for Learn to Play
All classes are for adults exceptions may be made for minor players, please email us for details. Classes will be a minimum 1hour in length and will increase based on number of participants.

NEWB Divison in ARCHL

Hungry for more Hockey? We are offering an added ice time per week within ARCHL (our league). By signing up you will also play against another newb team for the ARCHL Season. This combined with training on will give you 2 ice times a week to get you to the next level.We need a minimum of 26 players to be viable without an additional fee.

Start playing hockey today with little to no experience. This program is designed as a learn-to-play hockey program for beginners or new players. A minimal level of skating is required. We expect that you can glide independently on each foot. If you are not comfortable you must be willing to supplement your hockey training with public skating practice or ice skating lessons. Turning and stopping are not required but are highly desired.

Do you currently play floor hockey or roller hockey? This is a great class to transition to ice hockey.

Maybe you never played growing up? There are an overwhelming number of skills to understand before you truly enjoy playing hockey. We promise when you get there it’s a happy positive place. There is A LOT of falling in the beginning. That’s what the gear is for.

Every individual or group of students will learn differently so we keep a high-level plan but tweak it every session to provide the best training for new players.

Unlike children players new to the adult learning game can be of varying skill levels and athleticism so we do our best to make it useful for everyone.

Join with a co-worker, partner, family member or anyone like you who is new to hockey.

Hockey Class

This course is for beginners, it is not a reason for experienced players to get some extra practice time. Players get the most out of a class when everyone has similar skills. When there is a clear separation of skills the coach may split the group up or tweak the drills so no one is left behind.

Skills covered are:

  • skating forwards and backwards (sculling/c-cuts, stride)
  • turn and stop
  • edge control
  • stopping
  • crossovers
  • shooting (wrist,snap slap)
  • passing
  • stickhandling and shooting
  • puck control
  • tight or quick turns
  • transitions from front skating to back and vice versa
  • positional play (opposing team drills, Neutral zone, blue lines, goal lines, hockey rink setup)

We currently run drop in games, TWO tournaments a year, and a league ARCHL which runs all year.

What you get in our program learn to play in Vancouver?

  • 8 Sessions
  • Each Sessions split into hockey skills then a coached scrimmage
  • Starts Sunday, May 15,2022 , no sessions on May Long Weekend or Fathers Day
  • Start times are 8:15 PM on SUNDAYS
  • Sessions out of Vancouver rinks HILLCREST
  • Each session will include a coach. Full gear is mandatory
  • Players will learn different skating, stickhandling and shooting skills. Taught using drills and scrimmages based on a progressive plan
  • Fully inclusive for Adults, Minors may participate with parental approval.

Hockey Skills Sessions ice times

Hockey Gear

First thing you need is gear. You can check out your nearest vancouver hockey shop like Canadian tire, buy online or buy used. If you are smaller stature novice or intermediate gear is much cheaper. Contact us if you need a guide we are happy to help!

  1. Skates
  2. Shin Guards
  3. Hockey Socks ($20 through hockeytourney )
  4. Hockey Pants
  5. Jock or Jill
  6. Shoulder Pads
  7. Elbow Pads
  8. Gloves
  9. Black and White Jersey ($60 for reversible through hockeytourney )
  10. Helmet
  11. Stick