Adult Learn to Play Ice Hockey in Vancouver

Have you always wanted to play hockey?

Vancouver Hockey Skills Sessions

Welcome to our learn to play hockey in Vancouver program. Situated on the West coast Vancouver has a large diverse population and warm weather. There is very little outdoor hockey or pond shinny. Hockey is very expensive even more so in Vancouver because of the lack of outdoor weather to support shinny or pond hockey.

Hockey is an addictive sport, whether it’s watching or playing. Fans are passionate, but not all have played as children. Hockeytourney has brought our unique ADULT Learn to play program to Vancouver. Best of all it’s affordable! It’s a fun fast paced sport which can be challenging and has a steep learning curve. The more puck touches a player gets, the more that player learns. Unfortunately only playing in a league doesn’t help you improve. Compliment your league play and learn to play hockey in Vancouver today.

We currently run drop in games, TWO tournaments a year, and a league ARCHL which runs all year. This year we’ve added a Learn to play program for adults.

You can choose to sign up to our league at the same time giving you at least two ice times a week ask us about a free jersey using by signing up for both . Best of all our hockey is right here in Vancouver!

What you get in our program learn to play in Vancouver?

  • 9 Sessions
  • Each Sessions split into hockey skills then a coached scrimmage
  • Starts October 6 , no sessions on long weekends
  • Start times are 8:45 PM on SUNDAYS
  • Sessions out of Vancouver rinks (Westend)
  • Each session will include a coach. Full gear is mandatory
  • Players will learn different skating, stickhandling and shooting skills. Taught using drills and scrimmages based on a progressive plan
  • Fully inclusive ADULT ONLY

Hockeytourney Hockey Skills Sessions ice times

1 Sunday, October 6 – 2019 8:45 PM WESTEND RINK
2 Sunday, October 20 – 2019 8:45 PM WESTEND RINK
3 Sunday, October 27 – 2019 8:45 PM WESTEND RINK
4 Sunday, November 3 – 2019 8:45 PM WESTEND RINK
5 Sunday, November 17 – 2019 8:45 PM WESTEND RINK
6 Sunday, November 24 – 2019 8:45 PM WESTEND RINK
7 Sunday, December 1 – 2019 8:45 PM WESTEND RINK
8 Sunday, December 8 – 2019 8:45 PM WESTEND RINK
9 Sunday, December 15 – 2019 8:45 PM WESTEND RINK

Hockey Gear

First thing you need is gear. You can check out your nearest vancouver hockey shop, buy online or buy used. If you are smaller stature novice or intermediate gear is much cheaper. Contact us if you need a guide we are happy to help!

  1. Skates
  2. Shin Guards
  3. Hockey Socks ($20 through hockeytourney )
  4. Hockey Pants
  5. Jock or Jill
  6. Shoulder Pads
  7. Elbow Pads
  8. Gloves
  9. Black and White Jersey ($60 for reversible through hockeytourney )
  10. Helmet
  11. Stick