Summer League

Season Details NO WEEKENDS (NO FRI/SAT/SUN) STARTS APRIL 20, 2020 until July 31, 2020


Code of Conduct


What is an ARCHL FlexPASS

This is only an individual sign up.

Games will be scheduled two or more times per week for flex teams.

Players can see the roster and times and will be able to register for any game from the flex teams. This is advantageous for players who travel a lot but still want to play league games. Instead of paying for one full-time spot you pay to play the set number of games on any flex team. You may find you can play twice a week one month but none the next week. This gives you the ultimate choice of when to play.

We do not believe in bringing in drop in players to play on this sort of team, therefore a minimum of 26 sign ups are required for this option to be viable.If it’s not viable then players can choose full-time or get a refund on fees.

FLEXPass’s are valid ONLY for the season they are purchased. They are non-transferrable Player may contact us to purchase MORE games if they reach their limit, but credit will not be offered for games unused.

How strict is the league on matching jerseys?

Full-time players must have team set occasional mismatch is acceptable. If teams consistently play with unmatched jerseys they will be forced to rent a team set at a cost of $400 which includes a $200 deposit returned at the end of the season.

Is it CO-ED?

We are always inclusive of all genders. The term co-ed can sometimes refer to requiring a female to be on the ice at all times. This is not part of our rules nor will it ever be. The goal is to have equal ice time for everyone regardless of gender. We welcome and encourage all teams to recruit female players and the rules that govern our events promote safe and friendly play without special treatment.


Beginner-intermediate hockey, overly aggressive play is not accepted in all divisions.

  • Season starts week of April 20,2020 and will run until end of July or early August
  • Games are once or twice a week.Monday to Thursday ONLY
  • Latest Start time is 10:15PM
  • Games played out of Hillcrest, Sunset or Britannia rinks in Vancouver
  • Schedule (2019 schedule) start times only April – June (similar ice time for July)
    • Monday – 8:30pm or 10:00pm – Hillcrest
    • Monday – 9:15pm – Sunset
    • Wednesday – 8:45pm or 10:15pm – Hillcrest
    • Wednesday 9:30pm – Sunset
    • Thursday 9:15pm – Hillcrest
  • 14 games includes playoffs. FLEX options available (minimum 2 teams)
  • 1.25 hour time slot for all games. 15-13-15 Stop time.
  • Co-ed League. No requirements to have specific gender on the ice at all times, but teams are encouraged to have females on their roster.
  • 2 referees and a scorekeeper for every game.
  • Game supervisor present majority of games.
  • Statistics updated online.
  • Register as a small group, an individual or teams*
  • CARHA League insurance included for all players.
  • Winners get medals, bragging rights and their names on the Cup!

How to Register

  1. All individual players MUST have an existing reversible Hockeytourney Jersey, or purchase one at checkout.
  2. Teams may bring their own jerseys,Players registering as a full team may only have up to 2 players per game without a team jersey. Jersey Rental is available for full teams. Individuals will be forced to buy a hockeytourney jersey to participate on an individual team
  3. If you want to pay by Cheque or Cash you can select the option at checkout.


ARCHL Schedule

What team am I on?

NOTE : Teams must submit their roster players who may or may not play Please send us a list of names and indicate whether they are a sub or full-time. All players must have the waiver completed.