Beginner/Intermediate Drop-in Ice Hockey Vancouver

Drop in Hockey is Back!

Use the calendar below to see what ice times are available and click on the DROP IN SCHEDULE button to purchase your spot

For those looking for co-ed beginner adult ice hockey games in Vancouver has it. Our drop-in and pick-up games are a great place to meet other beginner adult players. We take a hands on approach and are serious about providing a fun and safe atmosphere for everyone.

  1. Adult hockey pickup games that are fun and friendly
  2. All of our drop-in sessions are Coed
  3. Pay per session, no long term commitment required
  4. Great place to start for adult beginners (No experienced needed. Who cares if you didn’t play as a kid!)
  5. Games are capped to 22 skaters with 2 goalies
  6. Goalies play for FREE