Tournament Rules

Registration and Eligibility

  1. Prior to the start of the tournament, participating teams must forward the team’s tournament roster to the Tournament Offical. Any changes to the roster after the schedule is drawn must be cleared with the Tournament Official.
  2. Teams must register with the Tournament Official prior to playing their first tournament game.
  3. All players participating must be the designated tournament age (18+) or turn the designated age by the end of the same calendar year. At the request of the Tournament Committee, participants must show proof of age. Note: Special circumstances with regards to this rule may be reviewed by the Tournament Official when a parent chooses to play with their child and the parent is willing to sign a waiver on behalf of their child.
  4. Players must show proof of identity when checking in to the tournament prior to their games.
  5. A team who is found to have used an ineligible player in a tournament game(s) shall have the game(s) defaulted. The Tournament Official may take further action against the offending team depending on the severity of the infraction.
  6. Alcohol is not permitted in the City of Vancouver Arena facilities. This rule applies to players and spectators. Players may not participate while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  7. All players shall fill out the online Waiver

Constant Verbal Disputes and Chronic Complaining

  1. One warning shall be given for verbal disputes. For players, referees may give one warning then they are required to give a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. It shall be assessed whenever a player:
    • Openly disputes or argues about any decision by an official (On-ice or tournament supervisor)
    • Uses obscene or vulgar language in a boisterous manner to anyone at anytime, even if it is not directed at any particular person.
    • Visually demonstrates any sign of dissatisfaction with any decision by an official. examples: slamming gates, throwing sticks, punch (gloved or not) of glass or bench.

Verbal Abuse

  1. Any Player who engages in verbal or non-verbal taunts, insults or intimidation based on discriminatory grounds (race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, language) shall be assessed a Gross Misconduct and automatic suspension which will be reviewed by tournament official

Game Format

Round Robin

  1. Three minute warmup. Three periods of 18 minutes running time. 45 seconds between periods.
  2. In the event the time on the permit is less than the period length the remainder of permit time will serve as the third period.

Scoring & Tie Breakers

  1. A team will be awarded 2 points for winning a game, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss for all
    round robin tournament games.
  2. Ties after completion of round robin play will be broken in the following order:
    • Most wins.
    • goals for minus goals against.
    • least penalized team.
    • decision by Tournament Official.

Goalie Safety

  1. If a puck hits the goalie mask the play will be blown dead. If the puck hits the goalie mask and goes DIRECTLY in the goal stands.
  2. Blue Paint Rule: Players may go directly through the blue paint in pursuit without touching the goalie, any players standing in the crease will have the play blown dead and the face-off outside the offensive zone.
  3. Crashing the net is not tolerated, if you are faced with the choice of crashing the goalie or avoiding contact to put a goal in you will be assessed a penalty and the goal will be called back.

Playing Rules

  1. In Hockeytourney tournament games, teams must dress a minimum playing roster of 7 players
    (six skaters and a goaltender).
    Note: Special circumstances with regards to this rule may be reviewed by the Tournament Official and
    their decision shall be final.
  2. To be eligible for the play-off games the player’s name must appear on the team roster and he must
    have participated in ONE of his/her team’s round robin games.
  3. Any Hockeytourney tournament game(s) that results in a default, the final score will be recorded as a
    2 – 0 victory for the non-defaulting team. Also, should a score differential be more than 7 goals for one
    team, the players stat’s will not count towards the game and the team’s final score will be no more
    than a 7 goal spread.
  4. It is the responsibility of the teams and the players to understand the Playing Rules as they apply to suspensions. A team may forfeit their next game(s) if they play a player who has received a penalty
    resulting in a suspension.
  5. Teams are requested to be ready to start their tournament games at the designated times. Games if
    agreed upon by both teams and officials could start up to 15 minutes earlier than scheduled time.
  6. While on the ice, all players must wear a CSA approved helmet with the chin strap properly fastened
    under the chin.
  7. Goalkeepers in Adult Recreational Hockey shall be required to wear a CSA approved hockey helmet
    to which a facial protector has been securely attached and not altered in any way. It is recommended that
    all goalkeepers wear a throat protector. Note: Cat-eye goalie cages are permissible, but are under the
    own risk of goalies. No insurance claims on facial or dental will be accepted if the goalie is wearing a cateye
  8. All games will consist of 3 periods, each being 18 minutes running time in duration. A mercy rule will be in effect if there is a seven (7) or more goal spread
  9. Penalties assessed during running time will be 3 minutes for a Minor penalty, 7 minutes for a Major/Matchpenalty and 12 minutes for Misconduct penalties.
  10. Teams are not permitted to take timeouts except in the final game and if, in the opinion of the Referee, a team is deliberately delaying the game in any manner that team will be assessed a Bench Minor penalty.
  11. “No Touch” icing; meaning the play is called dead once the puck crosses the goal line.
  12. Blue line icing.
  13. Tag-up offsides.
  14. Playing the puck off the netting behind the net is legal. Referees will blow it down only if it results in unfair advantage to attacking team.
  15. No Checking.
  16. Any player who is assessed THREE PENALTIES in one game shall be ruled off the ice for the remainder of the game (Game Ejection). It shall be necessary to place a substitute on the penalty bench immediately to serve the third penalty.That player will also be automatically suspended for the next game.
  17. All divisions will have slapshots.

Penalties and Infractions

  1. A player, including a goalkeeper, assessed a Major penalty shall be ruled off the ice for the remainder of the game (Major penalty plus Game Misconduct). The penalized team shall place a substitute player on the Penalty Bench to serve seven minutes actual playing time, during which time no on ice substitutions shall be permitted.
Penalty Running Time
Minor Penalty 3 min
Double Minor 6 min
Major Penalty 7 min
Misconduct Penalty 12 min
Match Penalty 7 min

Penalty Types

  1. A Game Misconduct penalty assessed under- Abuse of Officials, Unsportsmanlike Conduct/Misconduct, does not incur automatic suspension, unless it occurs in the last 10 minutes of the game (regular playing time including overtime), in which case the penalized player shall be suspended for a minimum of the next tournament game. A total of 10 minutes shall be charged in the records against the penalized player for a Game Misconduct penalty.
  2. Fighting A Match penalty shall be assessed to any player who is identified by the referee as the instigator or aggressor in a fight. The opposing player may then be assessed a Match penalty if he fights back or continues the altercation, a Minor penalty for roughing, or no penalty at all, depending on the circumstances.(Note 1): If two players throw the first punch simultaneously, then both players will receive Match penalties. Fighting will also result in automatic ejection from the game AND the rest of the tournament.
  3. Boarding and Body Contact
    • A Minor or Major penalty, at the discretion of the Referee, based upon the intent and the violence of the impact with the opposing player, shall be assessed to any player who intentionally bodies, pushes, shoves, stands in front of an opponent for the purpose of making contact, and/or does not avert body contact with an opponent.
    • When injury results from intentional body contact a Major penalty shall be assessed. In the event that a player, by committing an infraction of the rules, causes an opponent to collide with the boards, the Minor penalty normally assessed under the rules will be waived and a Double Minor penalty shall be assessed. The Major and/or Match penalty applicable to the rule, will be assessed in the normal manner.
    • Where, in the opinion of the Referee, accidental contact has taken place, no penalty shall be assessed.
  4. High Sticking
    • A Minor penalty shall be assessed to any player who checks an opponent or intimidates an opponent while carrying their stick above the waist height of their opponent.
    • A player who accidentally, at the discretion of the referee, makes contact with an opponent above the normal height of the shoulders with a high stick shall be assessed a minor penalty. A player who intentionally makes contact with an opponent with a high stick shall be assessed a major penalty whether or not injury results.(Note): A player who is assessed a Major penalty for intentionally contacting an opponent with a High Stick shall also incur a Game Misconduct. The Game Misconduct penalty shall not apply to players assessed with a Major penalty for an accidental High Stick, except when injury results, then the Game Misconduct penalty shall be assessed.
    • A Match penalty shall be assessed to any player who deliberately attempts to injure or deliberately injures an opponent with a high stick.
  5. Players and/or Team Officials who, by virtue of penalty(ies) assessed, are suspended for the balance
    of a game and any further game(s) and will not be permitted in the playing area. Failure to comply with
    this rule may lead to further action taken against the team and person(s) affiliated with the team, including assessing Delay of Game penalties.

Rules may be changed by Hockeytourney and are subject to review prior to the tournament.
Hockeytourney Registered players acknowledge that there is a risk of being injured when playing the
game of hockey.