Spring 2016 Hockey Tourney

March 14 – 28, 2016

Tournament Rules
Beginner Division Schedule
Intermediate Division Schedule
Tournament Format
Sponsors and Charitable Donations

Tournament Format

Each team will play a minimum of five (5) games. The top two teams in each division will play a final sixth game. Both divisions are coed and we encourage all teams to include female players on their roster.

Warriors Division – Beginner

Beginner friendly division. Players entering in this division may have had limited or no organized hockey experience. If players playing in this division are excessively controlling plays or the game they will be assessed an unsportsmanlike penalty. They may be asked to move to the Elements Division.

Warriors Schedule
Team Names Date/Time Rink Video
WHALERS Vs GOLDEN SEALS Tue Mar 15 8:30 PM Hillcrest
ROCKIES Vs TIGERS Tue Mar 15 9:45 PM Hillcrest
BULLDOGS Vs WHALERS Fri Mar 18 9:15 PM Sunset
TIGERS Vs GOLDEN SEALS Sat Mar 19 8:30 PM Hillcrest
WHALERS Vs ROCKIES Sat Mar 19 9:45 PM Hillcrest
GOLDEN SEALS Vs ROCKIES Mon Mar 21 8:00 PM Hillcrest
BULLDOGS Vs TIGERS Mon Mar 21 9:15 PM Hillcrest
ROCKIES Vs BULLDOGS Thu Mar 24 8:30 PM Hillcrest
TIGERS Vs WHALERS Thu Mar 24 9:45 PM Hillcrest
GOLDEN SEALS Vs BULLDOGS Fri Mar 25 9:15 PM Sunset
FIFTH PLACE Vs FOURTH PLACE Sat Mar 26 9:00 PM Hillcrest
FIRST PLACE Vs Winner of FOURvFIVE Sun Mar 27 5:15 PM Hillcrest
THIRD PLACE Vs SECOND PLACE Sun Mar 27 6:30 PM Hillcrest
FINAL Vs WARRIOR FINAL Sun Mar 27 7:45 PM Hillcrest

Elements Division – Intermediate+

Intermediate and over division. Players in this division are of varying skill levels. Slapshots are allowed but the same rules around contact will apply.

Elements Schedule
Team Names Date/Time Rink Video
SHART SHOOTERS Vs ROCKETS Mon Mar 14 8:00 PM Hillcrest
EQUITY Vs FORCE Mon Mar 14 9:15 PM Hillcrest
CAMEL TOEWS Vs FIRE Mon Mar 14 10:30 PM Hillcrest link
FIRE Vs FORCE Thu Mar 17 7:15 PM Hillcrest
ROCKETS Vs EQUITY Thu Mar 17 8:30 PM Hillcrest
CAMEL TOEWS Vs SHART SHOOTERS Thu Mar 17 9:45 PM Hillcrest link
FIRE Vs EQUITY Sun Mar 20 7:15 PM Hillcrest
FORCE Vs SHART SHOOTERS Sun Mar 20 8:30 PM Hillcrest
CAMEL TOEWS Vs ROCKETS Sun Mar 20 9:45 PM Hillcrest
ROCKETS Vs FIRE Mon Mar 21 10:30 PM Hillcrest
FORCE Vs CAMEL TOEWS Tue Mar 22 8:30 PM Hillcrest
SHART SHOOTERS Vs EQUITY Tue Mar 22 9:45 PM Hillcrest
EQUITY Vs CAMEL TOEWS Sat Mar 26 5:15 PM Hillcrest
FORCE Vs ROCKETS Sat Mar 26 6:30 PM Hillcrest
SHART SHOOTERS Vs FIRE Sat Mar 26 7:45 PM Hillcrest
ELEMENTS Vs FINAL Sun Mar 27 9:15 PM Hillcrest

Sponsors and Charitable Donations

100% of the proceeds from our silent auction benefit the BC Cancer Foundation. Donate Here. For Sponsorship opportunities download our package