March 2018 Tourney

FIVE Game Annual Tourney March 19-28, 2018 for INDIVIDUALS, TEAMS and SMALL GROUPS

Code of Conduct
Divisions and format
Proposed Schedule
What team am I on?
Sponsors and Charitable Donations


Where are the games played?

All games are played at Hillcrest and Trout Lake in Vancouver.

How do I guarantee this won’t conflict with my other team?

The best way to guarantee schedule is to talk to your current league and have them contact us. Most leagues will be happy to work around the schedule. In the past we’ve co-ordinated directly with the Leagues and ensured teams can still make their regular season games along with the tourney.

Is it CO-ED?

We are always inclusive of all genders. The term co-ed can sometimes refer to requiring a female to be on the ice at all times. This is not part of our rules nor will it ever be. The goal is to have equal ice time for everyone regardless of gender. We welcome and encourage all teams to recruit female players and the rules that govern our events promote safe and friendly play without special treatment.



Div A – Intermediate/Advanced
Play round robin (RR) (3g each), Semi-final (1 gm) + Final (bronze or gold)

DIV B – Intermediate
Play round robin (RR) (3g each), Semi-final (1 gm) + Final (bronze or gold)

DIV C – Novice
Play round robin (4gm) – teams ranked #1,#2 (Gold) – #3, #4 (Bronze) – #5 (Crossover with D)

DIV D – Beginner – specials rules within division
Gretzky Rule (Players cannot score more than 3 goals). We will re-visit rule after first three games to ensure fairness.
Play round robin twice (4gm) – Teams ranked #1,#2 (Gold), #3 (Play #5 in C)

(#P – G ) indicates player spots left – (G) goalie spot available
Goalie fee is $50 (GST included) contact us for payment preference given to goalies with players.

Division Split
Div A Div B Div C Div D
Equity Green Dangleberries Delivery Boys Emerald Islanders
Return Fire Angus H East Van Blizzard Westcoast Sinners
Skateful Dead CIBC Whalers Thunderbirds
Abusement Park 1P – G Equity Gold Bulldogs


Games are 1 hour in length, with two referees and a scorekeeper. Stats provided online

3 min warmup – 18-18-18 run time



What team am I on?

NOTE There are no subs allowed on teams. Teams must submit their roster (max 22) players who may or may not play. Players must play one round robin game to qualify for semi or final game. No exceptions.

Rosters click columns to sort
_wccf_pf_player_name TEAM
Mark Dillon Abusement Park
Scott Stewart Abusement Park
Werner Hofstatter Abusement Park
Larry Kelso Abusement Park
Vir Thongpheng Abusement Park
Lucas Riedl Abusement Park
Eric Corcoran Abusement Park
Steve Doucette Abusement Park
Sam Coll Abusement Park
Nathan Cheung Abusement Park
Munraj Kaila Abusement Park
Jesse Nuyts Abusement Park
Darran Edmundson Abusement Park
Tyler Chung Bankers
Sanjay Eidnani Bankers
Ryan Widas Bankers
Pete Moes Bankers
Owen Appelle Bankers
Micheal Sidhu Bankers
Micheal Knott Bankers
Kai Wu Bankers
Jeff Tung Bankers
Jason Eckert Bankers
Gary Rai Bankers
Chris Wai Bankers
Aaron Bowyer Bankers
Raj Bansi Bulldogs
Daniel Gonzalez Bulldogs
david fleming Bulldogs
Patrick Duvall Bulldogs
Julius Rusko Bulldogs
Alex Leung Bulldogs
Jeremy Edjan Bulldogs
Dave Woodside Bulldogs
Tar Shergill Bulldogs
Manbir Renthey Bulldogs
Gulu Nanda Bulldogs
Aaron Bachra Bulldogs
Sandeep Kalkat Bulldogs
Kam Gosal Dangleberries
Eric Wong Dangleberries
Jason Wu Dangleberries
Ben Taylor Dangleberries
Andrew Willson Dangleberries
Max Pederson Dangleberries
Edgar Kavanagh Dangleberries
Chelsey Kirk Dangleberries
Borna Vojdani Dangleberries
Adam Franklin Dangleberries
Igor Kopic Drole Dangleberries
Mike Bui Dangleberries
Olli Kejha Dangleberries
Mark Louttit Dangleberries
Keith Chan Delivery Boys
PHIL CHOU Delivery Boys
MONTI VIRK Delivery Boys
AMIT KHANNA Delivery Boys
SONNY KHANNA Delivery Boys
JESSE GIBSON Delivery Boys
RICHARD LOO Delivery Boys
THOMSON CHIA Delivery Boys
JEFF DOLL Delivery Boys
MARK SOARES Delivery Boys
NICK LO Delivery Boys
Kyle Janeway East Van Blizzard
Mike Gerardo East Van Blizzard
Mark Galvan East Van Blizzard
Limmuel Espanol East Van Blizzard
Jon Cooper East Van Blizzard
Tavis Wu East Van Blizzard
anthony yung East Van Blizzard
Delwin Yung East Van Blizzard
Brian Soland East Van Blizzard
Miroslav Lison East Van Blizzard
Christopher Bromley East Van Blizzard
Jeremy Delos Santos East Van Blizzard
Jeff Delos Santos East Van Blizzard
Mike Dinh East Van Blizzard
James Limbo East Van Blizzard
John Kovich Emerald Islanders
Joshua Macdonald Emerald Islanders
Brad Pacaud Emerald Islanders
Christina greenwood Emerald Islanders
Tina D'Arduini Emerald Islanders
Tristan Espiritu Emerald Islanders
Yasmin Sadeghi Emerald Islanders
Jeff Tse Emerald Islanders
Jason Leung Emerald Islanders
Edgar Kavanagh Emerald Islanders
Sheldon nguyen Emerald Islanders
Jay S Emerald Islanders
Andrew Van Strepen Emerald Islanders
Phil Belleau Emerald Islanders
David Belleau Emerald Islanders
Darcy Baker Equity Gold
Scott Berdahl Equity Gold
Joe McCreery Equity Gold
Dan McCreery Equity Gold
Ed Ronyecz Equity Gold
Scott Heffernan Equity Gold
Dave Broughton Equity Gold
Trent Newkirk Equity Gold
Dillon Hume Equity Gold
Lucas Brotz Equity Gold
Rory Kutluoglu Equity Gold
Mark Robinson Equity Gold
Katie McKenzie Equity Gold
Patrick Nolan Equity Gold
Jeff Clarke Equity Gold
Robert Burke Equity Gold
Gareth Clarke Equity Gold
Ronan Geoghegan Equity Gold
Murray Jones Equity Gold
Ian Carr Equity Gold
Thomas Branson Equity Gold
Phil Miller Equity Gold
Darcy Baker Equity Green
Trevor Rabb Equity Green
Evan Jones Equity Green
Cooper Campbell Equity Green
Jason Weber Equity Green
Scott Berdahl Equity Green
Gavin Titley Equity Green
Joe McCreery Equity Green
Dan McCreery Equity Green
Ed Ronyecz Equity Green
Scott Heffernan Equity Green
Dave Broughton Equity Green
Jonathan Tenta Equity Green
Trent Newkirk Equity Green
Lucas Brotz Equity Green
Rory Kutluoglu Equity Green
Patrick Nolan Equity Green
Gareth Clarke Equity Green
Ronan Geoghegan Equity Green
Murray Jones Equity Green
Thomas Branson Equity Green
Phil Miller Equity Green
Kar-On Lee KBI
Anthony Hicks KBI
Bryan Breuget KBI
Jerry Lin KBI
Alex Yamamato KBI
Guilaune Bernard KBI
Ray Sum KBI
Ray Pahlad KBI
Tyler Gorovenko KBI
Allan Chiang KBI
Victor Chan KBI
Don Chau KBI
Vernon Yap KBI
Michael Buktaw KBI
Allan Wong KBI
John Chieng KBI
Peter Sandelands KBI
Trevor Chang KBI
Jefrey Fan KBI
Derek Moyneur KBI
Angus Letterkenny
Angus Hudson Letterkenny
Reece Elliott Letterkenny
Jesse Jarvis Letterkenny
Kazu Arai Letterkenny
Jayson Kent Letterkenny
Kurtis Penner Letterkenny
Edward Lin Letterkenny
KMac Letterkenny
Sam Hsu Letterkenny
Byron Elton Letterkenny
Jonny Lee Letterkenny
Justin Wu Letterkenny
Cam Colett Letterkenny
Justin Aioki Letterkenny
David Cowling Letterkenny
Julian Wolf Letterkenny
Tristan Elliott Letterkenny
Darcy Dommer Return Fire
Thomas Lynam Return Fire
Travis McMillan Return Fire
Raviv Boudin Return Fire
Jonathan Desbarats Return Fire
Mark McDonald Return Fire
Paul Chong Return Fire
Mitch Return Fire
Mathew Return Fire
John Jurinak Return Fire
Jason Jurinak Return Fire
Dov Dimant Return Fire
Nick Gauder Return Fire
Lonny Wong Skateful Dead
Nicholas Quintillan Skateful Dead
Garrett Wills Skateful Dead
Scott Burton Skateful Dead
Lucas Sundar Skateful Dead
Brandon Borghardt Skateful Dead
Garrett Nyhaug Skateful Dead
Sean DeSmet Skateful Dead
Myles Stewart Skateful Dead
Scott Vanderspek Skateful Dead
Antonio Principe Skateful Dead
Laurence Santos Skateful Dead
Tennel Symons Skateful Dead
Keith Irwin Skateful Dead
Jake Sundar Skateful Dead
Bryan Joy Skateful Dead
Dwight Ballantyne Skateful Dead
Ryan Rosstrom Skateful Dead
Erico Darocha Skateful Dead
Chris Borghardt Skateful Dead
Alex Osborne Skateful Dead
Sakura Iwagami Thunderbirds
Jason chan Thunderbirds
Louis Cheung Thunderbirds
Curtis Lew Thunderbirds
Sumeet Dogra Thunderbirds
Greg Smit Thunderbirds
Jak McCuaig Thunderbirds
Jason Chen Thunderbirds
Joe Hyett Thunderbirds
Dominic Wan Thunderbirds
Jeffrey Lee Thunderbirds
jeff lim Thunderbirds
Gabriel Ng Thunderbirds
David Laing Thunderbirds
Cathy Chiba Thunderbirds
Benjamin Oryall Westcoast Sinners
Adam Speir Westcoast Sinners
Adrian Greszata Westcoast Sinners
Christopher Edwards Westcoast Sinners
Elliott Hohenhaus Westcoast Sinners
Evan Lloyd Westcoast Sinners
Frank Szlachic Westcoast Sinners
Graham Haigh Westcoast Sinners
Jeff Appelbe Westcoast Sinners
Lawrence Elliott Westcoast Sinners
Megan Johnson (goalie) Westcoast Sinners
Nick Hollingsworth Westcoast Sinners
Ryan Spolowicz Westcoast Sinners
Trent Anderson Westcoast Sinners
Clayton Hicks Westcoast Sinners
Eddie Harrison Westcoast Sinners
Taylor Spelt Westcoast Sinners
Tee Haynes Westcoast Sinners
Mathew Keygan Westcoast Sinners
Ryan Rodford WHALERS
Paul Biondic WHALERS
Matt Cherniak WHALERS
Mathew Butler WHALERS
Deano Pellegrino WHALERS
Nolan Harper WHALERS
Rich Bulpin WHALERS
Jeremy Mithrush WHALERS
Parm Sahota WHALERS
James Shaughnessy WHALERS
Bobby Poole WHALERS
Brendan Kent WHALERS
Steve Sayers WHALERS
Raj Dhunna WHALERS
Kyle Brennan WHALERS
Matthew Gibbons (G) WHALERS
Lucas Croutch WHALERS

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Sponsors and Charitable Donations

100% of the proceeds from our silent auction benefit the BC Cancer Foundation. Donate Here or give a product or service to be auctioned off.