Drop in Rules

At HockeyTourney we strive to promote a safe, fun and respectful atmosphere and we take player safety very seriously.


Aggressive play: Aggressive play will NOT be tolerated. If you are faced with an aggressive player inform the ref(s)s or the organizer. Everyone is expected to respect their opponent in the corners and control their stick at all times.

Icing: Blue Line NO TOUCH icing.

Slapshots: Back swing has to be below waist. Infraction will result in a face-off at centre ice.



  1. Minor penalties – 3 min running time (example; holding, and interference). The referee at their discretion can issue a double minor, Major and Game Misconduct for any minor which results in injury.
  2. Double Minor – 6 min running time (All stick infractions; cross-checking, slashing, high sticking, spearing)

Goalie Safety:

  1. Crashing the net is not tolerated. If faced with the choice of crashing the goalie and scoring or slowing down to avoid crashing into the goalie you will be assessed a penalty and the goal will be called back
  2. If a puck hits the goalie mask the play will be blown dead.
  3. Blue Paint Rule: Players may go directly through the blue paint, any players standing in the crease will have the play blown dead and the face-off outside the offensive zone.


  1. Any Player who engages in verbal or non-verbal taunts, insults or intimidation based on discriminatory grounds (race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, language) may at the referee’s discretion be assessed a Gross Misconduct and will be reviewed by the organizer(s).
  2. An attempt to injure is an automatic Match penalty, regardless of whether it causes injury or not, and will be reviewed by the organizer(s).
  3. Ejected Players will be escorted to the dressing room and out of the rink. Organizer(s) will determine if banishment from further drop ins is necessary.

By signing up for this drop in you are agreeing to abide by the HockeyTourney rules. Failure to comply will result in ejection without refund.