March 2018 Tourney

FIVE Game Annual Tourney March 19-28, 2018 for INDIVIDUALS, TEAMS and SMALL GROUPS

Tournament Format
Tournament Rules
Sponsors and Charitable Donations

Goalie spots may be available March 1,2018.


Are all the games really at Hillcrest?

We may move 20% to other rinks if the tournament is large enough. The rinks will be Sunset, Killarney and Trout.

How do I guarantee this won’t conflict with my other team?

The best way to guarantee schedule is to talk to your current league and have them contact us. Most leagues will be happy to work around the schedule. In the past we’ve co-ordinated directly with the Leagues and ensured teams can still make their regular season games along with the tourney.

When will the schedule be posted?

The final schedule will be posted early March. Schedule choices are based on when you sign up.

Why can’t I bring my own jersey?

We understand hockey players have many jerseys, but buying a jersey at the tournament gets you the cheapest rate for future tournaments and league play.
We also understand there are some players that only want to play the tournament so this year we have added an option to rent a jersey.
This is available to full teams and to individuals. A deposit will be required.

What days/times are the games played?

Game days vary based on number of teams and divisions. Priority is given to teams that register early. Game times will start 6pm – 9:45pm depending on the day. Average start time is 8:45pm.

Can I rent a jersey and play with my buddies?

When you rent a jersey all the players on your team are renting jerseys. If you friend wants to play with you but he/she has a jersey then they will have to purchase the rental rate as the rental jersey are different. Depending on how many want to rent you might be better of buying a jersey in this case.


Five Game March 19-28
UNTIL February 22
Individual NO Jersey $95 $142
Individual RENT Jersey $125 $142
Individual BUY Jersey $142 $172
Team NO Jersey $1200 $1400
Team RENT Jersey $1400 $1600
Team BUY Jersey $2000 $2200

Tournament Format

Five Game Tourney March 19-28

Each team will play a minimum of five (5) games. All divisions are coed and we encourage all teams to include female players on their roster.
The tourney is split up into 3-5 divisions.

Games are 1 hour in length, with two referees and a scorekeeper. Stats provided online

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Sponsors and Charitable Donations

100% of the proceeds from our silent auction benefit the BC Cancer Foundation. Donate Here or give a product or service to be auctioned off.