Intermediate One Day Hockey Vancouver Tournament 2024


Dates: August 25, 2024
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Format:Intermediate One Day August 25, 2024


Open to players of all genders with intermediate-level skills and above. The tournament emphasizes fun, camaraderie, and kindness. Players are expected to uphold the spirit of the game, focusing on enjoyment and sportsmanship rather than aggression or contact. Those who do not adhere to these principles may be asked to leave the tournament, with no refunds provided. Intermediate and advanced-level hockey is defined as having a good understanding of the game and competitive experience, while maintaining mutual respect and a positive atmosphere.

Tournament Details:

  • Games Guaranteed: 3 games minimum.
  • Game Length: 1.25 hours. 
  • Team Composition: Each team consists of 15 players and one goalie.
  • Registration: Individual registration only. You may request to play with a specific player, but placement is not guaranteed (see note below).
  • Balanced Teams: Tournament officials may add or remove players and adjust teams based on participant feedback to ensure balance.
  • Custom Jerseys: Custom Jerseys are provided for each player to take home. This is not a standard hockeytourney jersey. Jersey Design can be made for an alternate/new jersey for a team if at least 10 players sign up for team before July 25th ,2024.
  • Location: Trout Lake
  • Gameplay: Non-contact hockey following ARCHL rules.
  • Food: Snacks available throughout the day, with lunch available for pre-order.


Dates: August 25, 2024

  • Sunday August 25, 2024 – Tournament begins at 9:15am and runs until 6:00pm or 7:30pm (if you’re in the final game)

Important Note:

It is crucial to indicate your preferred teammate or team group during the registration process. This helps in organizing teams more efficiently and enhances your tournament experience. However, to maintain competitive balance, not all requests can be guaranteed, especially if registrations are received late. By signing up early and specifying your preferred teammates, you increase the chances of playing on the same team as your friends.


Individual Registration, Goalie Registration